Friday, November 7, 2008

Where do they get this (warning 1 bad word lol)

My 3 year old hears everything! Sometimes picking up on things we say out of habit and we don't realize we say: until we hear come out of a toddler! I'm taking a cue from Brittany on this and posting as a dialog...

We were in Wal-Mart's parking lot and it smelled like manure, living where we do that's normal. Well when we opened the car doors we hear this...

Mady: Mommy, what's that smell?

Me: That's poopy, Mad.

Mady: Oh! Is poop like shit??

I mean, come on how do you answer that lol! You say yes then she calls it that, if you say no you're lying! I tried to explain to her that yes it is called that but WE don't call it that!
Brittany, since I know you read these, does Adam ever get so caught up in what he's saying that he stutters and stumbles over the words? Mady does it some and I wanted to know if that was semi-normal... ya know? LOL

Thursday, November 6, 2008


I was thinking today how much has changed recently and how those changes are finally coming to light! My first baby will be 3! That's scary and awe-inspiring... I made it this far (some alone) and she's still alive and healthy and she's smart as heck! There's nothing that the kid won't do or try to do... not always a good thing! In a few years she'll be starting school... I just can't believe she's so big! And then there's Mantha... my little Punky is almost a year old and it sucks! I want my baby back, I want my cuddly little warm body back! She's still only got the 5 teeth but she's trying to cruise the furniture and I don't need another Mady to chase around lol! No pics today cuz my comp and my camera don't want to work together lol